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Interested in sponsorship? If so, we'd love to talk! 

Marketing Potential 

Those in the ATV industry know the market is exploding, and that ATV motocross is now the place to be for advertisers. If your company is not industry-related and you are not familiar with it, then please read on! Otherwise, skip down to learn why You should sponsor Us!

The sport of ATV motocross has grown at record levels, and the media took notice. In 2005 came an unprecedented level of ATV motocross racing coverage when the ATVA national championship aired on Outdoor Life Network and ATV racing became a featured part of ESPN's Great Outdoor Games. Coverage of this fast growing sport continued to increase. In 2006 OLN expanded their coverage of the ATVA national series and ESPN brought the new WPSA Powersports ATV tour into homes around the world, fueling an already rocketing passion for ATVs and the sport of ATV racing. Reports showed those initial ESPN ratings surpassed NHRA top fuel coverage and even beat out Supercross ratings from years past. This ground-breaking coverage brought ATV racing to a new level and wider, more mainstream audience.

 Since its humble beginnings, ATV racing has become increasingly popular in Texas, as well as around the world. Sales of ATVs nationwide have even exceeded those of dirt bikes. In fact, the Motorcycle Industry Council estimates that in 2005 there were 276, 982 dirt bikes to 812,970 ATV's sold.While only a percentage of those ATV riders compete today, with many of those who do are entire families_ children, teenagers, parents and grandparents _ all spending weekends together at the tracks.

In those spectators you will often find your biggest market. For example, in 2003 when Justin started competing, our family had little interest in ATVs and knew nothing of quad racing. After going to a few races, Josh wanted to race, too. Soon the entire family became involved, and  J and J Racing was born. Since that first year, we've purchased 9 ATVs (sport and utility), a race trailer, RV, generators, tools, riding gear, etc., plus spent countless dollars in repairs and aftermarket parts. These purchases were in just a few short years, and similar situations can be found with other competitors. Wouldn't you like your business to be highlighted to those eager consumer minds? 

Why Sponsor J and J Racing?  

First and foremost, members of J and J Racing will represent your company both on and off the track with integrity, professionalism, and enthusiasm. Depending on your level of sponsorship, we can offer: 

In the last decade J and J Racing became a name recognized in the ATV world. By simply doing a Google search on J and J Racing or you will see sites linking to us. You can also see J and J Racing in numerous local and national news articles. We continue to bring new visitors to the J and J web site. 

We need sponsors who can help cover race fees, fuel and/or travel expenses; supply aftermarket parts, accessories, gear, and other products; or provide significant discounts for related purchases. Perhaps you are not even involved with ATVs, but would like to become part of our team as a sponsor. Have other ideas? We're open to discussion! 

This extreme motocross sport is quickly growing in popularity and gaining wide-spread media attention. No matter how large or small, your sponsorship would be valued and acknowledged!  Let's talk!

Various levels of sponsorship are considered.

Contact us to learn more.

Thanks for your interest! Hope to hear from you soon!

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