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If you’ve already been riding, you should be equipped with good ATV racing safety gear. If not, this should be your first consideration when thinking about an ATV racing setup.

Selecting an Off-Road Helmet

A good, full face off-road helmet is essential, whether competing or simply riding. Although no helmet can provide complete protection in some cases, it certainly helps if it does not crush into your face or easily crack on impact. And you will have impact.

Expect a good motocross helmet to run at least $200- $300 or more, but you can do your research and shop around to get the best deal if cost is a factor. Occasionally some of the more expensive helmets are made by the same company using the same materials as ones of a lesser cost. Find out.  

Make sure the helmet is DOT and SNELL approved. Check the fitting. You should have good peripheral vision, and the helmet should fit securely and snugly against your head. It should move with your head, not wobble, and not be so tight as to cause discomfort. Try on several before selecting one. Regardless of what helmet you buy, always make sure your chin strap is securely fastened when riding. Otherwise, it will not matter how good your off-road helmet is. It will move and likely come off when you need it the most.

Once you own a helmet, treat it well. Use care when handling and storing it, and thoroughly inspect the inside foam after even a slight impact. Simply dropping your helmet on the floor can weaken its integrity, although they are built to withstand a much stronger blow. Some riders buy a new helmet after each crash, and manufacturers recommend doing so. You should also be the only person who wears your helmet, since a helmet will adjust to the wearer’s head.

 In addition to a helmet, you will need motocross riding boots and goggles. Check out different ones to find what fits comfortably and will provide the best protection. You will also need motocross pants and jersey, which provide protection when riding and keep you from sticking out as someone who doesn’t know any better.

 A good chest protector is also a must, and many riders wear a kidney belt and knee pads for added protection. All of that gear may sound cumbersome, but most riders quickly feel accustom to wearing it, and they certainly understand the need for additional protection. Regardless, most of the ATV racing safety gear mentioned is required when competing, so get used to it. You will, no doubt, be glad you did.



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